This new collaborative blog project has been created for conversation. Let’s talk about all the things we love.

My aim is to create a steady flow of interesting topics for us to talk about. I hope, as we get started, that you might consider contributing your own conversation starters. To do that, you only need to join our Author Buzz Group.

You can reply via comments

I aim to keep the comments open indefinitely. That means you can always reply on the topic post using the comments form.

You can reply on a blog or website

For those members of the Author Buzz UK community looking for things to blog about, you can use this as a content prompt. We have WebMention enabled, which means that if you link to the page you are replying to you can ping us to make your post appear as a comment. Some websites and blogs do this automatically but if yours does not, paste your link into the ping form and hit the button.

You can reply via the FediVerse (like Mastodon for example)

You can follow this blog wherever you federate your social media. For most of us that will be Mastodon. Mastodon is free, distributed, and a nice place to hang out. Read more about Mastodon here.

Over to you

Please share your thoughts on this new project.


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