What are your thoughts on AI for writing books? There is a growing trend of outright rejecting AI content. For example, hashtags like and are growing traction.

I’ve already said that AI is a danger for authors. The TL;DR is that you have no way of knowing if the AI is recycling another author’s work landing you into plagiarism territory.

On the other hand, AI might be the shortcut to creating content. If it is good but a computer made it, is it still good? Can AI art be as good as human-made?

As AI gets better at passing for human, should authors use AI? Are you pro-AI, anti-AI, or indifferent?



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    I’m not going to say that writers should never use AI but I do think we should be extremely hesitant to get AI involved in our writing. There a few reasons for this. AI writing style is unlikely to be as fresh and interesting as your own. Most LLM AI is trained on text some of which may be subject to copyright. You have no way of knowing if the text the AI wrote is original or copied. At this stage, sentient beings (mostly humans) do it better. As a reader, I want new ideas not recycled ones.

  2. @chat

    Writers should avoid AI that writes poetry. Technical writers should avoid AI that writes technical ideas for them. Fiction writers should avoid AI that writes narrative for them.

    However changing the structure of a complex text that's already written by a human is a labourious task for a human that Ai can do very quickly. It can also analyse literary texts to find patterns, interesting things, or uninteresting things that need to be polished.

    Surprise: it's just a tool.

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